Luchau - Advanced Myofascial Techniques Volume 1
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About 175 illustrations, including 56 3-D anatomical colour perspective renderings
250 x 250 mm
16 February 2015
Handspring Publishing

$54.95 USD

Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Sport and Fitness, Osteopathy

Advanced Myofascial Techniques – Volume 1

Shoulder, Pelvis, Leg and Foot

$54.95 USD Free delivery in the USA


Til Luchau delights in combining the technical and the beautiful in his manual therapy articles, which have appeared in magazines and professional journals around the world.

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Advanced Myofascial Techniques, Volume 1 is the first of two beautiful, information-packed guides to highly effective manual therapy techniques. Focusing on conditions of the shoulder, wrist, pelvis, sacrum, leg, and foot, Volume 1 provides a variety of tools for addressing some of the most commonly encountered complaints.

With clear step-by-step instructions and spectacular illustrations, each volume is a valuable collection of hands-on approaches for restoring function, refining proprioception, and decreasing pain.





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Part 1: Essentials

1 Bone

2 Fascia, Part 1: Understanding Fascial Change

3 Fascia, Part 2: Fascial Tools and Techniques

Part 2 Lower Limb

4 Type 1 Ankle Restrictions and Plantar Fasciitis

5 Type 2 Restrictions and the Ankle Mortise

6 Ankle Injuries and the Fibula

7 Hammertoes

8 The Shoe-Bound Arch

9 Hamstring Injuries

Part 3 Pelvic Girdle

10 Hip Mobility

11 Sciatic Pain

12 The Sacrotuberous Ligament

13 The Sacroiliac Joints

14 The Ilia

Part 4 Upper Limb

15 The Wrist and Carpal Bones

16 The Thenar Eminence

17 Frozen Shoulder, Part 1: The Glenohumeral Joint

18 Frozen Shoulder, Part 2: The Rotator Cuff



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