Paperback, eBook
About 140 colour photographs and line drawings
246 x 189 mm
Not yet published
27 May 2019
Handspring Publishing

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Anatomy, Movement, Biology, Osteopathy, Massage Therapy

Everything Moves

How biotensegrity informs human movement

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Susan has an MA, Human development & Education with a focus on kinesthetic learning, and is co-founder with Dr Steven Levin of the Washington DC Biotensegrity Interest Group (BIG)

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The emerging science of biotensegrity provides a fresh context for re-thinking our understanding of human movement, but its complexities can be formidable. In Everything Moves, Susan Lowell shares her understanding of biotensegrity as developed over years of direct study with the concept’s originator, Stephen M. Levin, MD, and makes biotensegrity accessible through experiential activities and exercises.

Chapter 1: Introduction: We are Biotensegral Beings

Part I: Structure in a world of forces 

Chapter 2: Floating bones

Chapter 3: Tensility: the positive side of tension and stress

Chapter 4: The Pregnant Icosahedron

Chapter 5: The Effortless, Elegant Efficiency of Triangles: Compression and tension

Chapter 6: We are Helical

Chapter 7: We are fractal: Nested networks

Chapter 8: Soft matter

Part II: Movement

Chapter 9: Moving through Time: Continuums

Chapter 10: We Oscillate

Chapter 11: We Self-Assemble

Chapter 12: We are Auxetic

Chapter 13: We are Shape Shifters

Chapter 14: Systems

Chapter 15: Conclusions

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