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29 April 2019
Handspring Publishing

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Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy

Lymphatic Integrative Therapy

Integrating treatment of the lymph, fascia and nervous system

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Diana Kincaid is a licensed massage therapist and teaches extensively on lymphatic therapy.

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Lymphedema is a common condition, particularly in cancer patients. It is painful and debilitating, both physically and psychologically. Lymphatic integrative therapy is a treatment approach which can bring great relief to these patients. It uses a variety of massage therapy techniques, including treatment of the fascia and lymphatic system to assist lymph drainage thereby reducing the lymphedema. This book describes the related therapeutic techniques and refers to the latest research supporting their use. It aims to provide the therapist with the information they need to properly understand the condition and with the means to enhance their skills in its effective treatment.

1. Introduction: Integrative Treatment of the Lymphatic System
2. Anatomy and Physiology of the Lymph System Integration with Fascial and Nervous Systems
3. Technique Principles
4. Regional Treatments:
5. Systemic Treatment of the Lymphatics:
6. Clinical Applications: Working with Medical Professionals
7. Conclusion
8. Bibliography

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