50 line drawings and about 300 photographs
297 x 210mm
Not yet published
18 April 2020
Handspring Publishing

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Yoga, Sport and Fitness

Using Yoga Therapeutically

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Sherry has taught physical therapists, yoga teachers and yoga therapists for many years. Her obsession with walking as a template for all physical activity inspired her earlier book Walk Yourself Well.

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This book introduces and expands understanding of yoga therapy as a problem solver.  Teachers/therapists will be able to choose and teach comprehensive solutions using explicit yoga sequencing for multi-layered health conditions originated structurally. The ten chosen postures presented provide a template for any number of asanas used by the teacher/therapist.  The book will enable yoga teachers/therapists and physical therapists to determine the underlying issues with regards to posture, movement patterns, discomfort and pain.

The Physiological Foundations of Yoga Practice

The Structural Foundations of Movement and Yoga Practice

The Psychological and Social Contributions to Movement and Yoga Practice

The Yoga in Walking

Seeing Bodies: Practical Assessment Skills

An In Depth Look at Ten Fundamental Yoga Postures

Common Conditions in Ten Case Histories with Remedy Sequencing









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