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25 October 2018
Handspring Publishing

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Yoga, Mind-body Therapies, Movement

Yoga for Mental Health

For yoga teachers, therapists and mental health professionals

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Heather MASON

Heather Mason is a 500 RYT, a yoga therapist, and a MBCT facilitator. She is the founder of the Minded Institute.

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Kelly Birch has a master’s in clinical mental health counseling and is a National Certified Counselor with an integrative psychotherapy practice.

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This book is a guide to how and why yoga therapy can be used as an adjunct treatment in mental health.

The first two chapters detail yoga’s history as a mental health intervention and the underlying physiological mechanisms, while following chapters look in depth at different mental health conditions from both a yoga and clinical perspective, exploring the use of yoga in therapeutic practice.

Not only will the book serve as a reference, but also as a bridge between yoga therapy and healthcare, helping to add to the process of growing integration.


Chapter 1 – Historical evolution of yoga and mental health

Chapter 2 – An overview of physiological and psychological mechanisms underpinning yoga’s efficacy

Chapter 3 – Anxiety disorders

Chapter 4 – Depressive/mood disorders

Chapter 5 – ADHD

Chapter 6 – Eating Disorders

Chapter 7 – Child Mental Health

Chapter 8 – Insomnia

Chapter 9 – Overview and future directions


Yoga Scotland Review 1.16

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